Meet the APPRO and CERRON Team: Kelly Leet

Meet the APPRO and CERRON Team: Kelly Leet

We would like to introduce you to Kelly Leet, who will be working with our APPRO team as an Administrative Assistant. We hope you enjoy learning more about us and our great team at APPRO & CERRON.

Name: Kelly Leet

Role:  Administrative Assistant,  APPRO Development, Inc.

Great Commercial Lending Rates = Great time to buy or build

By Andrea Kaderlik

Great commercial lending rates may be on your radar...or not!? Did you know that not only have residential lending rates dropped, but commercial rates have dropped as well. If you have been on the fence about purchasing or building a commercial or industrial building, these rates may be just the reason to move forward!

Help for Landlords amid the COVID-19 Crisis

Being a landlord and property owner is not for the faint of heart, and this is especially true amid the COVID-19 crisis. There is hope and solutions available to meet the challenges facing many property owners in today's landscape. The team at Cerron Commercial Properties & Appro Development has prepared a list of action items and a summary of tools you can use to navigate these uncharted waters. 

Meet the APPRO and CERRON Team: Matt Popple

Meet the APPRO and CERRON Team: Matt Popple

We would like to introduce you to Matt Popple, who will be working with our APPRO team as a Project Manager. We hope you enjoy learning more about us and our great team at APPRO & CERRON.

Meet the APPRO and CERRON Team: Ben Peters, AIA


We would like to introduce you to Ben Peters, who will be working with our CERRON team as an architect. We hope you enjoy learning more about us and our great team at APPRO & CERRON.

Lakeville Warehouse Groundbreaking: Gliori Properties

In the early morning hours of Friday, September 20, 2019, as the sun was coming up, amid a backdrop of mist, the Gliori family celebrated a groundbreaking at the site of their newest building project. The project is located at 21225 Hamburg Avenue, Lakeville, Minnesota and upon its completion will be an 18,000 square foot (100’ long x 80’ wide ) single story pre-cast concrete warehouse building. Together, Guido and Tracy Gliori commemorated the event with their daughters Isabella and Francesca by planting a maple tree on the site. The building is owned by Gliori Properties.

South Metro Miracle League: Mini Golf

Every child deserves a chance to play. Mini golf is a past time for kids of all ages. However, children with physical disabilities who use wheelchairs or mobility devices often miss out on the fun and excitement because most mini golf courses are too narrow, steep or filled with barriers. South Metro Miracle League, along with Brackett's Crossing Country Club, Appro Development and the City of Lakeville, are on a mission to make mini golf available to kids of all abilities with a full accessible 9-hole mini golf course in Lakeville.

How to get quick financing on commercial properties

Purchasing property is a big commitment for a small business, and often, the financing is done with a commercial real estate loan through a bank or commercial lender. The team at Appro & Cerron has some useful information to help business owners through this process of getting quick financing on your commercial property. Obtaining a commercial loan is similar to obtaining a home mortgage. Depending on the lending source, there are many requirements and early steps your business must prepare before acquiring the financing from a lending source. There are also many options for obtaining a loan, for which we will explain the pros and cons for each to help determine what will be the best fit for your business's finances.

Options for purchasing an affordable warehouse with office

Our team at Appro would like to share some information regarding information needed to make a decision on purchasing an affordable warehouse with office. Many small business owners always run into the question of choosing to buy or lease property, and it all involves around the cost. There are certain forms of a lease, but it all boils down to buying property to own for a certain period while making payments to the owner until the lease is expired. The last thing you want to happen is to buy property and then to realize a year later that it would have been a better option to rent. To help, we gathered some good information that will analyze the right fit for your business. For most cases, you only want to lease if you plan on being in a location for a short period, and would want to buy if you plan on remaining on that location or a longer period of time. The following will help guide you through this process of finding available industrial sites affordable for your business.

Spring Thawing - Snow/Ice Build-Up on Roofs

A record-breaking snowfall for Minnesota in the month of February is no small deal! At this time of year, and the weather we have been having, is cause to pay attention to impacts to buildings and roofs. With more wet snow on the way, over the next few weeks, we urge you to take action now. Here are a few of the main maintenance tips we would like to share with you.

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