The worst advice ever about Commercial Building Maintenance

Commercial Building Maintenance – Avoiding nightmares and mistakes


Owning your own property is a proud milestone for any business owner. Maintaining a building can feel overwhelming. When it comes to commercial building maintenance, knowing what to worry about, and when, will help you to protect your investment from decay due to lack of upkeep. Routine maintenance can also help reduce overhead costs, such as electrical and HVAC expenses.

How can you prevent your building from becoming a scary place in the neighborhood???  By planning ahead for routine building maintenance!

LEAN in Manufacturing and Business


LEAN in Manufacturing and Business



2016 Lakeville Manufacturers Appreciation Reception

Our team had the honor of attending the 2016 Lakeville Manufacturers Appreciation Reception last evening at the Holiday Inn and Suites just off of County Road 70 and I-35 in beautiful Lakeville, Minnesota. 

This is an annual event our entire team looks forward to each October, and this year was no exception. In fact, this year, the City of Lakeville staff worked very hard on an impressive video which summarized the history of the Airlake Industrial Park. The Airlake Industrial Park is our backyard and where we first started our business almost 30 years ago. Thus, this year's focus on the history of the park is near and dear to our hearts.

In this video, you will learn about the history of Airlake Park and how it has grown to be the second largest industrial park in the state of Minnesota. Additionally, you will see some pictures of and commentary from our fearless leader, Jack Matasosky, which is sure to bring a smile to your face - we know it certainly did for our team!

Drones in Commercial Real Estate and Industrial Construction

By Sandra

Drones in Commercial Real Estate and Industrial Construction 

Drones in Commercial  Real Estate and Industrial Construction? They’re talked about everywhere and their benefits are sometimes far reaching or yet to be tested (I am curious to see how a drone can deliver a package during a MN snowstorm without plummeting to its death due to the added weight of the snow). Naturally, the popularity of drones made us ask; how can drones benefit those of us in the commercial real estate or industrial construction fields? 

(Click on photo at left for more information about this Warehouse Addition and to see more aerial photography taken by a drone.)

Pet Friendly Office Design Ideas & APPRO and CERRON's Furry Friends

Learn more about Pet Friendly Office Design Ideas...and our team's favorite furry friends!

In recognition of "Hug Your Hound Day" which happens to fall on September 14th, our team decided to have some fun sharing some pet friendly office design ideas and a little more about our "furry friends" in an interactive game. 

Below, you will find a quick link to a game that we created (with the help of the Qzzr app/website). Test your knowledge of our team's best friends, and see how you stack up against other players.

Once you have played the game, take a look at our "Pet Friendly Office Design Ideas" section to learn more about bringing your furry friends to the office and ways to make it work.

Top Five Lakeville Design Build Articles


Lakeville design build company, APPRO Development, has compiled a "top five" collection of design and architecture related articles of interest.

Over the past week, we have come across numerous articles and posts of interest and thought that many of our readers would enjoy some of the articles on the topic  of design, build, and architecture this week.

This top five list includes:

  • Cool architecture - locally and around the world
  • The impact of Augmented Reality - not just for Pokemon Go!
  • A rivalry between two of Architecture's Greats
  • and more!

7 Misconceptions about Commercial Building Construction Projects

Having worked in design-build and commercial construction since 1978, our construction team has heard a lot of questions, comments, and a few misconceptions about commercial build projects.


We would like to share with you some of the misconceptions we have heard over the years regarding commercial build projects and bring some clarity to this topic. Take a look at the following misconceptions and each of our responses.

Industrial Lots For Sale MN


Construction starts are up across the state of Minnesota and our team would like to share a list we have compiled of industrial lots for sale in MN, which also includes commercial land, and in general, business land for sale.

Now is a great time to start the construction process and one of your first steps is to select the ideal site for your business. 

You will be able to view available listings in:

  • Scott County
  • Dakota County
  • Rice County
  • Steele County

The Ultimate Checklist on Office Warehouse Space

By Andrea Kaderlik


Whether you are looking to lease, purchase, or build new office warehouse space, our team has created the ultimate checklist to use when shopping  or building office warehouse space. 

When considering a new space for your business, you want to take into consideration aspects of the overall building, the warehouse or production areas, and office space, if any. 

Our ultimate checklist will:

  • Help  you organize your search
  • Help you and your broker or builder make the most of your time
  • Help you to prioritize your wish list in a new space
Let's get started!

Lean Manufacturing Tools - A Quick Summary


Our team recently came across an article that is really more of an infographic on the topic of Lean Manufacturing Tools. It is an excellent resource and tool to explain some of the essential Lean tools which can be used in manufacturing.  The name of the article is, "32 Essential Lean Manufacturing Tools"and although it was published a couple of years ago, its relevance continues to hold true. As a "manufacturer" of new buildings (and building additions or remodels), we understand the necessity of having a streamlined process, and use many Lean tools. Our team selected our "Favorite Five" from the list and would like to share some of the reasons these are our favorites and how we utilize these tools with our business. 

Before we dig into our "Favorite Five", we wanted to offer a quick summary of Lean, for those of our readers who would like to learn about the basics. According to the Lean Enterprise Institute, “The core idea [of lean] is to maximize customer value while minimizing waste. Simply, lean means creating more value for customers with fewer resources.”

Per the Lean Enterprise Institute, “Lean applies in every business and every process…A lean organization understands customer value and focuses its key processes to continuously increase it. The ultimate goal is to provide perfect value to the customer through a perfect value creation process that has zero waste.”

You may visit our Lean Principles page for more information on the basics of Lean.