Building Materials Trends - Flooring

Exciting New Building Materials Trends - Flooring

It is always exciting for our team to see the new building materials trends and all the exciting design ideas available in our commercial building industry. In this post, we would like to share some of the new trends in commercial flooring applications.

Work Environment Design Ideas to Help Reduce the Cost of Employee Turnover, Improve Employee Health and Increase Your “Green Initiatives”

Healthy Work Environment Design Ideas Help Employers, Employees and the Environment!

Showers at work??? Creating a “lounge feeling” in the business place???

Cool Roofs for Commercial and Industrial Buildings in Minnesota’s Climate

Roofs for Commercial and Industrial Buildings – An Overview

Image Source: CRRC (

Roofs for commercial and industrial buildings are an important consideration for all building owners, and at APPRO, we are seeing a lot of discussion about, and implementation of cool roofs. The Department of energy has published a guideline for selecting environmentally friendly cool roofs aptly labeled “Guidelines for Selecting Cool Roofs” (click on the title for the link to the document) prepared by a sustainable energy consultant. The 23-page report goes into a broad overview of defining what a cool roof is and what the benefits are.

Commercial Architect - Services by APPRO Development

MN Commercial Architect

The commercial architect services by APPRO Development, provides our clients attention to every detail - within their budget and time frames - to create unique commercial spaces. We recently completed a project for Erik's Bike Shop which is now located in St. Paul just off of Ford Parkway. This commercial construction project illustrates the design process involved with the remodeling of this commercial retail building. We met with the owner to determine site feasibility, design the new space design and to discuss the details of this specific site and its impact for this local bike retailer.

What to Look for in Investment Properties

Want to know what to look for in investment properties? This is a great place to start.

Love Real Estate? Thinking about getting into Investment Properties?

Secrets, secrets are no fun… Changes to LEED v4

Changes to LEED v4 - APPRO Architect Casie Radford Discusses Recent LEED Activity

MN Architecture and Design Update

APPRO Development's MN Architecture and Design Update

Wood Framing in Commercial Construction

Curious about wood framing in commercial construction?

Photo Source: Wikepedia, 2013.

Occasionally, changes in wood supply cause a downgrade in the structural properties of wood. You can see an example of this type of activity in the article at this link for the information put forth by at:

FIREHOUSE GRILLE to open Tuesday, April 23rd in Elko New Market!


Reducing Your Renovation Costs by Thinking Green


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