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The worst advice ever about Commercial Building Maintenance

Commercial Building Maintenance – Avoiding nightmares and mistakes


Owning your own property is a proud milestone for any business owner. Maintaining a building can feel overwhelming. When it comes to commercial building maintenance, knowing what to worry about, and when, will help you to protect your investment from decay due to lack of upkeep. Routine maintenance can also help reduce overhead costs, such as electrical and HVAC expenses.

How can you prevent your building from becoming a scary place in the neighborhood???  By planning ahead for routine building maintenance!

How To Maintain Your Building's Roof


Roofing is at the top of most property owners' and property managers' lists of items to keep well maintained. And, rightly so, as this building feature can be one of the single highest replacement costs in building maintenance. Upon review of a recent article regarding roof maintenance, we summarized the key points of the article.

Of this list of six roof maintenance tips, we have included four of the following:

  • Stay involved - from the get-go
  • Quality roofing - a good system makes all the difference
  • Roof design matters - know all the factors
  • Inspections - are you doing the minimum?

Commercial Building Maintenance: Roofing

How to take care of your commercial building's roof:

Commercial building maintenance of your roof is an extremely important part of your commercial or industrial building's routine maintenance schedule. 

As a building owner or facilities manager, you know the importance of keeping your building consistently maintained. This is especially true of roof maintenance which can cause a lot of headaches if maintenance is not made a priority. According to our friends over at B.L. Dalsin Roofing, "All roofs are vulnerable to deficiencies that can lead to leaks. Extreme weather like heavy snow and seasonal freeze-thaw cycles can damage your roof."  The team at APPRO Development speaks with building owners all the time who have questions about their roofs. This article covers the basics of roof maintenance. 

Spring Rains and Roof Maintenance Time

Roof Maintenance: These April Showers bringing May Flowers also usher in a time to check the health of your roof!

Spring rains and the impending storm season are an ideal time to conduct some roof maintenance. According to a recent E-Newsletter by one of our roofing subcontractors, BL Dalsin Roofing, "All roofs are vulnerable to deficiencies that lead to leaks. Extreme weather and seasonal freeze thaw cycles can damage your roof...'Corrective Roof Maintenance' should happen when existing critical defects could lead to a threat to your building interior, such as water damage. By proactively performing maintenance on your roof you are managing your 'Roof Asset' preventing potential problems that can turn into critical defects and possible water intrusion."

Industrial Production Facility Construction Nears Completion: Mankato, MN

Imperial Plastics Industrial Production Facility Construction Nears Completion in Mankato, MN

The newest industrial production facility construction by APPRO Development, Inc. is nearing completion. A Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) has been issued on the Imperial Plastics Mankato project (click link to see more project photos). Owner furnished equipment installation (e.g. process piping, racking and cranes) is well under way and the final interior finishes are being installed which include: carpet, paint, and ceramic tile, to name a few.

Top Ten MN State Fair Foods


Commercial Building Remodeling in South Metro MN

APPRO Development, Inc. is well known in the South Metro / South of the River area of Minnesota, as a reputable commercial general contractor with a focus on land development and constructing commercial buildings. We have found over the years, people are sometimes unaware APPRO also is an excellent resource for remodeling existing buildings. Our design and architecture team partnering with our project management team, apply the same expertise on a project from the ground up as we do on a remodel or renovation project.

New Project under way for Appro Development

Building Additions/Remodels

By Gordy Schiltz

Gear Up For Winter

It is very important in Minnesota to understand the impacts winter can have on both commercial buildings and residential houses. Such as making sure you have all your under ground sewer, water, power, phone, data, cable TV, are protected from the elements. This will save you time and money if something freezes.

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