How To Maintain Your Building's Roof


Roofing is at the top of most property owners' and property managers' lists of items to keep well maintained. And, rightly so, as this building feature can be one of the single highest replacement costs in building maintenance. Upon review of a recent article regarding roof maintenance, we summarized the key points of the article.

Of this list of six roof maintenance tips, we have included four of the following:

  • Stay involved - from the get-go
  • Quality roofing - a good system makes all the difference
  • Roof design matters - know all the factors
  • Inspections - are you doing the minimum?


In this article, "Six tips to extend your roof's life" we chose to highlight four key aspects of the article.

The first is "Stay involved" and what that means is that as a building owner, you want to make sure that you do your homework. Work with your trusted and hired professionals, but also make sure that you are knowledgeable about your options.

Second, is to choose "quality roofing" as a good system makes all the difference in maintenance down the road. When you are working with our team at APPRO, we have a handful of trusted roofing subcontractors who are knowledgeable and professional and understand the best options for your building type.

Third, make sure that your roof is properly designed. You want to work with your design team to consider: slope, drainage, penetrations, flashing, walkways, and (if membrane) membrane thickness.

Fourth, you MUST conduct regular building inspections. Did you know that a minimum of two times a year is the recommended average frequency to inspect your building's roof? 


To read the full article with all six tips, you may click on the following LINK.


Our team wants you to enjoy the buildings you build with us for a very long time. Maintenance is one factor that helps make that possible. Be sure to inspect your roof regularly. If building new, ask our team about your options. And, if you would like a recommendation of a reputable, qualified roofing contractor, please be sure to contact our team - we would be happy to help!

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