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LEAN in Manufacturing and Business


LEAN in Manufacturing and Business



Work Environment Design Ideas to Help Reduce the Cost of Employee Turnover, Improve Employee Health and Increase Your “Green Initiatives”

Healthy Work Environment Design Ideas Help Employers, Employees and the Environment!

Showers at work??? Creating a “lounge feeling” in the business place???

Commercial Property Improvements Equal Tax Benefits in 2013

Are You Missing an Opportunity to Capture 2013 Tax Benefits?

If commercial property improvements are on your horizon, there is still time to improve your commercial property before the end of the year. Did you know there are tax benefits available if you own and lease out commercial real estate? But, you will need to act fast – you have until December 31, 2013 to take advantage of these tax benefits.

Reducing Your Renovation Costs by Thinking Green


Think Green - Benefits of going paperless

I know we’re all somewhat de-sensitized to the words “environmentally friendly” and “go-green” as companies abuse the terms as marketing approaches, such as labeling something “low fat” when it’s so high in sugar the full fat version would probably be healthier! ANYHOW… We, at APPRO Development and CERRON Commercial Properties, feel that we live on a pretty cool planet and would like to do our part where we can to take care of our neighborhood. In doing so, we are also finding ways for us all to save a bit of “green”, dollars that is!

We’ve made the switch over the past few months to create our subcontract agreements, change and purchase orders, and other documents using Adobe software so that we are able to send them via e-mail. The benefits in doing so are:

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