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Lakeville Expansion Project at Menasha Packaging Awarded to APPRO

Lakeville Expansion Project Awarded to APPRO Development for work on Menasha Packaging

Lakeville Expansion Project in south metro, MN has begun after being awarded to APPRO Development, a Lakeville, Minnesota based General Contractor and Design-Build firm. This project consists of a manufacturing and office addition for Menasha Packaging. More information on the project may be found by visiting our Current Project page.

MN Warehousing Tax - Part 1

MN Warehousing Tax – Part 1

MN Warehousing Tax- Part 1 is the first of two reports we are planning to bring to our readers regarding the new warehouse tax on the books for MN businesses. If you are involved in third party warehousing as a part of your business, we are sure you have heard the MN Warehousing Tax is due to go into effect on April 1st. It is actually one of three business to business (B2B) taxes to go into effect in 2014. This specific warehousing tax would impact businesses which provide third party warehousing services, as well as those businesses who utilize these third party services.

Warehouse Building Considerations: Midwest Review

Warehouse Building Considerations - What you should know before you buy, build or remodel

Warehouse building considerations have been a topic of discussion of late, as one of the building types APPRO/CERRON is frequently contacted about for real estate and construction projects happens to be warehouse projects. There have been some great deals on warehouses in the last few years, and a potential buyer is often posed with the dilemma of whether it makes the most sense to buy an existing building and spend the money to renovate it to his or her company’s individual needs, or design and build a warehouse custom built to those needs.

"Safety First"

“Safety first” has been a popular catch phrase for years, and is used in the public and internal literature of many companies, especially those in fields where it matters the most, like in construction. Too many construction sites have personnel that treat it as an afterthought, however, if they give any thought to safety at all.

APPRO Development Client Awarded Manufacturer of the Year

APPRO Development Client Awarded Manufacturer of the Year! We are blessed to work with some great clients, and sometimes their work is recognized by their peers for their excellence.


By Pat Simpkins, Project Manager, APPRO Development, Inc. (A Commercial, Design Build Company located in Lakeville, MN)

In It Together

I am a member of a 150 year old Protestant denomination called “Covenant.” I have been learning more about our denomination’s history the last year or so, and some of its founding principles. One of its main principles is that we are all Christian brothers and sisters working together for the common cause of Christ. Our particular church location adopted the theme “in it together” this year, to emphasize the relevance and applicability of our denomination’s founding beliefs in today’s society.

I have recently realized that this motto is not just applicable for those in our denomination or for Christians in general, but for all people. It emphasizes a team spirit in accomplishing common goals such as our construction projects, and gives a positive way of looking at solving problems, when all team members realize that, when one of us has a problem, we all have a problem.

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