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As a design build firm located in the south metro area of Minnesota, we love to hear new ideas in the world of architecture. Recently, we came across a TED Talk on the topic of architecture, and thought it would be a great video to share with our readers. 

According to this recent TED talk by Ole Scheeren, great architecture should be able to tell a story.  Learn more about Scheeren's ideas on architecture by clicking on the video link below.


Ole Scheeren presents a fascinating TED talk on the importance of thinking of architecture as more than steel and concrete, and considering the people who inhabit these spaces.


See examples of Scheeren's work and how the human element creates a more complete story in the world of architectural design.


Every organization is unique! And, as such, each architecture story is equally unique. So, what is your organization's story? Do you find that your space makes sense? Or, maybe over time, you have found it necessary to reinvent your space? Is it time to re-write your architecture story? A little re-inventing or re-writing from time to time can make a world of difference!


Contact our team today and allow us to understand your story and how we might be able to add a verse or a line to your ongoing story!


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