Meet the APPRO and CERRON Team: Joseph Conti

By Andrea Kaderlik

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Meet the APPRO and CERRON Team: Joseph Conti

APPRO and CERRON would like to introduce the newest member of our team - Joseph Conti! Joe is a Registered Architect and will be overseeing the architectural design process for each of our clients on our team. As we continue to strive toward not only meeting, but exceeding our clients' expectations, we gladly welcome Joe to our entire team.
We hope you enjoy learning more about our great team at APPRO & CERRON.


Name: Joseph "Joe" Conti

Role:  Architect,  APPRO Development, Inc.


Describe your role with APPRO:

  • Working with the client and extended team to create design solutions and transform a vision into reality. 


What is your earliest memory of designing or building something?


  • I was about eight years old when I had my first set of Lego blocks. I do remember that well. . . I could design and build all sorts of imaginary castles and structures - Think Neuschwanstein- 'Disney' Castle


What makes our team unique?

  • We have a diverse team that provides client solutions for the entire building process from design through construction. Developing good client relationships with a transparent process, providing real construction cost estimates before the project is built and capabilities in managing the construction phase. In addition, we have a real estate team that provides land options for our client needs.


What inspires you and or motivates you in what you do with APPRO & CERRON?

  • I am inspired by developing solutions that work well for the client. And when they the client is happy, I am motivated and reminded of what I do best. 

 Grand Prix Monaco.jpg

What is your favorite sport / event?


Where is the one place you have not been, but would really like to go?

Monaco and the opportunity to attend the Grand Prix.

Image Sources: Castle via Wikipedia - Attribution Matt Wade, 2013. Grand Prix via Wikipedia - Attribution Matthew Lamb. CC License.

We are thrilled that Joe is on our team, as he will play a vital role in our design process by sharing his expertise in architectural design. Joe is client focused & eager to bring his extensive background in commercial, retail, industrial and corporate projects to each new project upon which he works. We look forward to introducing you to the newest member of our property solutions team - so, feel free to stop by to say, "hello" to Joe. We are certain you will enjoy working with him on your next project!

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